Welcome to Third Grade's Resource Page

Welcome to the Third Grade Resource Page! Here you will find our choice board, chapter read-alouds for The Tale of Despereaux, science videos, and other resources. In addition to any specific instructions from your child's teacher about digital opportunities, a printable packet will be made available through Class Dojo. If you do not have access to Class Dojo, please contact your child's teacher and they can email you a copy. Also, you can pick up a printed packet from our school between 9am - 2pm, Monday-Friday. Be sure to call our office at (865) 982-4767 to let them know ahead of time so they can have the materials ready when you arrive. 
If you need assistance logging into a program, please refer to our AIS Resource Page that has detailed instructions. 
Choice Board:
The choice board provides enrichment opportunities for your child to complete over a week. Detailed instructions are included in the link to the right. These activities will be made available either digitally through Google Classroom or in a printable packet, based on accessibility and the diverse needs of the class. Your child's teacher will provide specific instructions for how to access these materials for your class.
We recommend printing the choice board and allowing students to choose what they would like to work on throughout the week. As they complete each activity, students can check them off like a bingo board. You might consider a reward for completing the board or a brain break after each activity. 
Enrichment Activities
Phonics Practice Video: