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My name is Mr. Grant, this is my 4th year teaching at Alcoa Intermediate (and Alcoa Elementary), yet this is my 13th year teaching art.  I have a Masters in Reading, and have always tried to find exciting and interesting ways to tie other classroom subject areas into the art classroom.


Welcome back to a new 2019 school year, I have some interesting ideas planned for the year ahead: 




-       January -  3rd we will focus on landforms and geography creations, 4th One point perspective cities, and hopefully talk about the Gilded Age in American industrial cities being built, and in fifth, we will look at the three parts of Tennessee and discuss more a focus on how to make Tennessee a better place. 

-       February - I will be connecting our art lessons to One Book Blitz, (starting February 4) and if time allows, connect art to other national holidays like Presidents day, Black History month, dental hygiene month, and Dr. Seuss’ birthday (March 2) etc.

-       March/April - We will be doing spring themed artworks, things that grow, things that move or creating other larger structures (Alexander Calder or Claus Oldenburg). 

-       May - we will be trying to do activities that allow us to take art outdoors, like side walk chalk, “plein air,” art, bubble art, textures, etc.


Art Objectives  

The National Standards for Art have changed this year, see the following website for more info:  https://nationalartsstandards.org/  

Ideas, Connections, or Donations? 

Would you or your child want to learn something new in art? Connections to science, music, books, math?  Have a bulk of a material you want to donate.  Let me know early so I have time to prepare, and make sure it is something that can be done on a larger scale with the rest of the students in that grade level (preparing for around 150 students or 7 classes per grade level). 

Feel free to come see me, or email me some time:  dgrant@alcoaschools.net