Welcome!  My name is David M. Grant, and I am the art teacher at AIS.   


How I communicate:  Seeing that we have moved into a digital age, and access to the building is limited, most of my student art displays and parent communication are through Class Dojo.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments [email protected]


Student Goals for 2022-2023  
1. Talk like an artist:  To be able to critique themselves and each other using art vocabulary terms.  To develop a visual vocabulary and communicate using art.  
2. See like an artist:   Teach students to observe life through the lenses of various artists, and become more aware of reality (like artists do), and their own perspectives.
3. Work like an artist:  To develop a visual vocabulary through practicing artistic fine motor skills, communicate using art, and to have new experiences with new materials.  There is SO much development when we focus on the PROCESS of art creation (over just the final product).  


My Goals as a Teacher:

I spend a lot of my time using my reading degree, and trying to develop and implement literacy connections, lessons, games, curriculum in the classroom and with small groups. My general art plan this year is to make natural connections to the new school-wide reading curriculum, CKLA.   I believe the art mindset (the practice of being innovative and creative), and the art skillset (problem solving, presenting yourself, fine motor skills, artistic awareness) are essential 21st century skills that apply to any job related field.


I am always looking for ways to enrich these students experiences and understanding of the arts, literacy, and how art relates to the things they love in their everyday life.


TN State Art Standards, that I link my goals and lesson plans to:

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